Happy New Year

Hi and Happy New Year.

We hope here at Coosticks HQ that you all have a very good 2019. It’s going to be a busy and productive one for us, lots going on, hopefully lots to share with you. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages too and hope to see you out there where the air is full of music…and unicorns!

Cheers :)

Happiness and Fear

Happiness and Fear

Two weeks with an electric guitar in my lap most evenings, four songs worth of acoustic guitar yesterday, plus handclaps, tempo changes, choir tweaks and EQ wrestling. The more time goes on, the more you want to do the stuff you love, so find what makes you happy and do it as much as you possibly can. All you need is the tools of your trade and enough intent to keep you going.

And fear? Well, I've watched IT twice and it's scaaaaaaaaaary!!!!!

It's great to articulate

It's great to articulate

You know, it's tacky but I only used that title because it rhymed!


That's a weird looking word, isn't it?


I've done some incredibly fun gigs recently.

At the end of July, I got to play out in the open in Ringwood Town Centre thanks to the lovely Kez Hinton and Elaine Richmond, sticking a tongue out to the rain as it barrelled down around us but didn't put the few hardy music fans off who found cover and great music.

A couple of really fun quiz nights with Rich Baxter at The Green Man and The Foundry Arms, always a laugh and love the Play Your Cards Right at the end (RIP Brucie).

Great to return to Camden Bar & Kitchen after quite an absence and then it was a particular thrill to play The Green Rooms Live evening at The Forest Arts Centre in New Milton. A proper stage, extremely respectful audience and I was honoured to be in such good musical company with Roy Clayton, Izzy Whitlock and Krista Green.

Then I played V-Dub Island on the Isle of Wight and caught up with some lovely people such as The Ridgeways, Kez and Elaine again (should have dedicated Without Words to you two too, sorry), Lee Rasdall-Dove and parents (and dog), Katie Waygood and Nicky Hart.

Finally another of Rich Baxter's quizzes and I was ready for a little live music break, which I'm now on.

But nothing stops for long at Coosticks HQ! Onto new music recording and will update you soon on how that's going.


You know soon from me means anywhere between a day and six months or more, don't you?

I just didn't want you to wait in for me or anything, you know?!

Enjoy Bake-Off, wonder what it'll be like??!

And the attached photo is from V-Dub!


Cheers :)

Time waits...

Time waits...

Time waits for no man. Or woman. Or plant. Or rabbit. It's true! When I look at when I last posted anything remotely resembling a blog, it was a good year and a bit ago. Where did that time go? Well, it didn't wait, that's for sure. But in between these two entries, I did actually achieve something. Actually, some things. New music, creative ventures, this website. It's something!!
I promise I'll write more, soon. And I'll try to sound intelligent. But if I fail, you'll have to just rest happy in the knowledge that, regardless of the quality,  I am writing again. :)